Book Review 29: BETWEEN YOU AND ME- Flight to Societal Moksha by ATUL KHANNA



PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury

PAGES: 291


FORMAT: Paperback

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an honest review ; Review programme by OUTSET


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The governance models based on social, constitutional, economic and administrative structure were conceptualised in the nineteenth century or earlier and were executed in the twentieth century. India is our setting, but the problem is universal. This book challenges the existing structures and provokes the youth to think out of the box to combat such challenges.

About the Author

Atul Khanna is a risk-taking, self-taught entrepreneur who is connecting people, cultures and technology, often ahead of its time. He has built enterprises in manufacturing, engineering, machine vision, life sciences and now education by building an Indian-European knowledge corridor over the years. He lives a quiet, joyous life with his family and friends in Pune, India, and travels to Europe for work.


This book is an eye-opener. It represents the sentiments of a common man about the current situation of the Indian politics and at the same time it throws light on the practices that are responsible for it.

The book starts with refrences from history about Karan and Eklavya and highlights that since time immemorial, the deserving ones are not getting their dues. The analysis about various leaders, right from the time of freedom struggle to this day, shows that how and where things were going wrong.

The book not only throw light on the problems, it suggests solution,too, as how much we need to change the policies andn prevalent practices.

It practically touches each and every aspect of Indian society, its political and economic scenerio, prevalent practices, policies, problems and their possible solutions.

THE TITLE ‘Between you and me’ points towards an ongoing conversation and yes, the book seems like a conversation between the reader and the author.

THE COVER is simple yet, at once, draws your attention.

THE BLURB is concise and evokes criosity.

THE NARRATION is impressive. The flow in the writing is smooth. In spite of the fact that I am not even a big fan of this kind of genre, I liked sit a lot. The style of writing has a great appeal. It seems as if author is voicing your thoughts and thoughts of every citizen. Its relatability is the USP of this book.

THE LANGUAGE is rich and impressive.

To my mind, this book is a must read for every Indian who is the back bone of this democracy and all those people who are sitting on those important chairs who make and implement policies. A great read.

Overall 🌟🌟🌟🌟✨ 4.5/5 stars

I received this book as a part of review program by in exchange of an honest review

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