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It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that Outset has chosen me to be one of the best reviewers for the year 2018-19.

I sincerely thank Rakhi Jayashankar, the force behind OUTSET, for acknowledging and appreciating my work. It comes as a big motivating factor to me to carry out my work with dedication and sincerity.




GENRE: YA Fiction

PUBLISHER: Srishti Publisher

FORMAT: Paperback

PAGES: 180

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an Honest review

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Avanni Singh is amazed when she meets Kiran Kapoor, her lover’s namesake. What is more astonishing is that his beloved shares her name. It seems like some prank by fate, but little do they know it was going to become an adventure they would never forget!

When Kiran loses one of his senses, and Avanni fails in her desperate attempts to help him recover, she gives up on life, tired of fighting the challenges. And then she happens to fall in love again, with another man bearing the same name. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Swimming in the pool of guilt, Avanni finds out that her partner – for whom she had been fighting a battle with life – was actually cheating on her! 

Can two couples with the same names be connected in some way? 

Can love happen when you least expect it to, and create A Love Story by Destiny?


A love story by destiny by DEESHA SANGANI is a love story with a different plot; a love quadrangle to begin with and a few more angles in the later part. The protagonist Avaani Singh is struck in a strange situation where her current and ex love interest share the same name. The story doesn’t end here there is more to this confusion of names. I won’t talk much about that here. Fate plays a big role in entire story and Avaani is pulled and pushed in various odd situations.

The book has a beautiful cover but I found it bit incomplete as it suggests the story to be a love triangle.

The blurb suggests it to be an interesting but complicated love story which is true.

The language is simple and uncomplicated making it an easy read.

The pace is fast in the first half but in second half it seems dragged a bit; nothing interesting happens till about a few chapters other than the couples work cum leisure outings. But it catches up again towards the end when the author added a thrill part. The ending suggest a sequel coming as some questions were left unanswered and some mysteries unresolved.

The narration is okay. A little more work on narration and editing part would have added more strength to the story.

Overall the book is a quick weekend read.


🌟🌟🌟/5 stars



GENRE: Non- Fiction

PUBLISHER: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

FORMAT: Kindle

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an Honest review



About the Book : By 2020 the fight over resources, growing unemployment, and corruption push a densely populated island in the Indian Ocean into civil war. Kal, only a schoolboy at the time, finds his life radically altered by the conflict. Now, returning after fourteen years of refuge in Australia, he encounters a place transformed into a beacon of peace and organisation. But there’s something odd about the order. Does a fringe group hold answers?


The Leeway towers by ABHIH SINGH, though a work of fiction yet is very close to life, indicating towards the prudent danger, the mankind is heading to.

Kal, a carefree teenager, is living a simple, peaceful life with his grandfather till something happens that topples his world. He takes refuge in Australia only to return after 14 years. Apparently, the things seem better but there is something that is certainly not right.

The story is set in two different times. Frankly, in the beginning it was difficult for me to keep up with the shift of plot but as the story progressed it was easier.

The plot is certainly very fresh and close to reality. Author has deftly painted a picture which is relatable.

Characterisation is effective. Kal is certainly a teenager next door. I particularly liked the way his grandfather raises him with love as well as discipline.

The narration is another strong point of the story.

Pace is fast though I found it draggy sometimes.

The cover and the title are meaningful.

The book is highly recommended as it is relatable to present times and gives an insight into that lies ahead.




GENRE: Fiction/ Mythology/ Sci-fi/ Comedy

FORMAT: Kindle

PAGES: 182

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an Honest review.



Three nifty youngsters, Brammy, Bala and Shiv head a start-up that creates bots for a space exploration mission. The board that governs their funding loses trust in them midway. A new CEO, Miss Shakti Tandon, is roped in. But, when Shakti tries to take on the Trinity by its Horns, does she emerge successful? This book steers clear of the crowded racks of mythology titles and gives you a fresh and (sometimes) funny insight into the world that we live in.


Trinity by the horn is a fictional cocktail of mythology and sci-fi with a dash of comedy. Brammy, Bala and Shivpal are at the helm of affairs in Trinity.

If Universe was created in an MNC with planets and other mythological entities as board of directors, how hillarious it would have been. The author has deftly painted an entertaing picture of creation of life on earth.

I particularly like the way the author has involved all deities in their roles.

Mythological tales, in MNC set up tickle your funny bones.

Author has done a brilliant job assigning names to various bots, acronyming to their real names.

The cover of the book is colourful, attractive and meaningful.

The title gives the book a mythlogical outlook but once you read it, you will agree that it is best suited for the story, Shakti Tandon, in the role of a strict CEO, truely takes Trinity by the horns.

The language is rich. Scientific terms are used but the way author has used them they don’t sound dull.

The narration is strong and the pace medium, especially in first half.

The characters are true to their character but in modern set up.

Overall the book is an entertaining read. Imagine life on earth to evolve in an MNC.







FORMAT: Kindle

PAGES: 183

GENRE: Fiction

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an Honest review



Magic was not just a word, but it was a world for Aarav. An illusion bigger than his life. His dad, Mr. Sen was not confident about his magic but his mother had faith in him. Being confused in his dad’s restrictions and mom’s support, Aarav inculcated something unique in his behaviour. Consecutive obstacles made Aarav feel dejected in real life. Gradually, he created his own space in his imagination where he met his love, Zara, who loved and supported him immensely. His imagination was overwhelming, but that affected his real life. What made him to go to a parallel world, beyond the reality of his existence? What made him dream so much that it never reminded him to draw a line between dream and reality? Was his life real or just an illusion?


Story of Aarav, The flying dreams is quite relatable. Parents, many times, impose their dreams and aspirations and insecurities on their children. This is what exactly happens with Aarav, who aspires to be a magician and is pretty good at it but he lacks support from his father who see him to be doing some well payed job.

He gets support from his mother and secretly keeps pursuing his dreams. Soon his passion becomes his obsession and he ends up doing something which is unbelievable.

Does he eventually succeeds, read the story to find that.

The plot is about breaking stereotypes, generation gap and pursuing dreams.

The title is apt as per the storyline.

Characters are relatable and well developed but they lacked cohessiveness.

The narration is average and could be better.

The twists and turns are interesting but story gets confusing at times.

Language is average and book needs a tight editing.

Author has given some psychological theories to support the psychological condition of Aarav that sounds interesting.

The plot is not fresh but itis interesting to read Aarav working in the direction of his goal in spite of all the opposition from his Dad.


3/5 Stars




FORMAT: Paperback

PUBLISHER: Self- Published

PAGES: 204

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an Honest Review.



It was love-at-first-sight for Armaan when he saw Tanisha. Despite being exact opposites of each other, they manage to keep their relationship alive. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned and they develop compatibility issues. In an unexpected turn of events, he comes upon an accident. Though he survives, the faint memory of a striking face with blue eyes flashed right before he collapsed and the accident haunts him forever. Months later, Armaan has a chance to encounter with the same ‘Girl with blue eyes’ and unknowingly, he is lured into an affair he can’t deny! While he makes all the attempts to hide this from Tanisha, things start to get out-of-control as he is now in a dual relationship. As events unfold, he realizes this mysterious ‘Girl with blue eyes’ comes with a lot of surprises. Must this ‘Girl with Blue eyes’ rake up his ordinary world? Deeply seductive and irresistibly compelling, ‘The girl with blue eyes’ is an incredible page-turner that keeps the reader hooked.


The girl with blue eyes is a romance fiction with an extra flavour of thriller.

The story revolves around three characters Armaan, Tanisha and Rutvi.

Simple love story of Armaan and Tanisha takes a sudden turn with entry of Rutvi with whom Armaan is overly obsessed and thus cheats on his girlfriend Tanisha.

But the truth about Rutvi scares the hell out of him and leads him to a path of darkness and destruction.

The cover of the book is beautiful, though the covergirl doesn’t have blonde hair as described in the story.

The title and cover are in sync with the story.

The plot is not very unusual yet interesting. It beautifully describes that obsession can be fatal.

The characters are penned down beautifully giving complete insight about the characters. Simple docile Tanisha, Cool hunk Armaan and sizzling Rutvi are designed artistically.

The pace of the story is slow in the beginning but catches up in the second half making the book unputdownable.

Narration is smooth but could have been better. Language is simple but repetitive.

My only complaint with the book is that it is not edited properly.q

Overall the book is a fine blend of Romance and thrill, making it interesting for romance and thriller lovers.


3/5 stars




GENRE: YA Fiction

FORMAT: Kindle

PAGES: 324

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an Honest review

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The fate of a loser’s life is…
When you desperately want to achieve your dream, you will be forced to change your dream.
When you fall in love with someone you had anticipated for a long time, that someone will bully you into being just friends.
When you finally fall in love with someone who is meant for you, you will need to find a future be-cause love without a future is a pain. 
One day, you will miraculously find your future, and everything will seem as perfect as a fairytale.
But the fate of a loser’s life is…
You won’t get what you want in time. When you get what you want, you won’t need it anymore. Well, that’s me, Sathya! A big loser, from a small town in South India, dreams of becoming a na-tional volleyball player. But is the life of a middle-class boy ever uncomplicated?
It all begins with this beautiful and brilliant girl entering my college. She changed my life, but it didn’t stop there. Another gorgeous girl entered my life, and I was torn between the two. At a point, I was utterly confused about whether I was a friend or a boyfriend or neither!
Against all the odds, do you think I can achieve my dream and hold on to my love? Do I still have a chance?
There’s much more to my story than these few lines. Get ready to experience the roller coaster ride of my life!


Do I still have a chance is a cute love story but here I am not sure that who is the true protagonist in the story. As the author info suggests the book has already have a movie based on it, the book is a complete Tollywood drama stuff with it’s fair share of twists and turns.

Sriram, struggling through an unhappy marriage, picks up a book and that changes his life forever for good and it is really interesting to read how. There is Sathya, a college going guy who is quite relatable. He falls in love with every beautiful girl around but once in love he is totally committed. Shruti, miss goody two shoes, who has lot of influence on Sathya and is like a mentor who transforms him from a careless boy to a sincere student. Priya, a madly in love and insecure girl is quite endearing and congenial. Raghu,a true friend, but suddenly vanishes in the story. Muskan is another girl who has lot of influence on Sathya, though she emerges much later in story. That way, characterisation is pretty elaborate.

There is not much one reads about Sriram but he too shows up in story at times.

The twist in the penultimate chapter is interesting.

The language is simple and that makes the book a hassle free read.

Book needs a tight editing as far as language and certain subplots go.

Narration is average and could have been better.

None the less, book is an easy and simple read. College students or those who have been through colleges can easily relate to it.




GENRE: Historical thriller

PUBLISHER: Aksora Publications

FORMAT: Paperback

PAGES: 296

SOURCE: Review Copy in Exchange of an Honest review



Mumbai, December 2016: A young man found an ancient-looking piece of stone with strange images and Sanskrit inscriptions. A quest to know the origin of the stone brought him to the distant part of the country. Chandannagar, December 2016: A young vivacious historian woman read an old book on a century-old secret story about a little known part of the country. Her curiosity got the better of her as the book disappeared mysteriously before she could complete it. She reached a sleepy quaint state of the country to satiate her curiosity. Eventually they both met and their search began from the city museum to a far-flung rock mountain which revealed a century-old story of a seductive danseuse, her enigmatic lover, a string of her admirers, a painter with a photographic memory, a bird that could speak in many voices, a benevolent king and a gruesome conspiracy. And the most important clue to decode the final secret was with the missing part of The Speaking Stone But in the process of unearthing old secrets their lives were also in danger… To know more read… The Speaking Stone 


The speaking stone, a historical thriller, with plot switching between beginning of twentieth century and 2017.

The story begins from a posh locality in Mumbai, when Saikat, the protagonist, happens to buy a mysterious stone from a roadside artefact seller. The stone was cut vertically and the other half of it was missing. It evokes curiosity and Saikat has a sudden urge to find the truth behind the stone. Thus begins a quest to get into the storybehind the mysterious stone. The stone takes him to Tripura and during this journey he meet Shuvashini, who is looking for a novel idea for her dissertation and has keen interest in history.

Their hunt for truth unfolds a thrilling mystery from the folds of history which is equally interesting as their journey.

The book has an interesting cover, an amalgamation of present and past.

The title is as mysterious as the story and is in sync with the content of the book.

The plot is unique and engaging with all the subplots contributing effectively towards the story.

The narration is smooth and free flowing. The switch between present and past is handled efficiently.

Characters are portrayed so well that you can visualise them easily.

My only complain with the plot is that at places too many details are added that makes the book lengthy and draggy and you end up skipping pages.

Book has few pictures and illustations to explain complicated facts.

Over all the book is an interesting read that has a capability to keep you hooked till the last page.


4/5 stars



Waiting for next part of the book.